Tom Brady Rides Scooter Through Boston, Ignites Fake, TMZ-Induced Panic Tom Brady stands still as 275-pound men try their darnedest to drive him into the ground, so chances are, he'll be just fine on a scooter.

Yet, TMZ is attempting to ignite panic among Patriots fans by posting a video of Brady doing the unthinkable. Yup, he is riding a scooter with his son, Jack.

Though the video and story are mostly in jest, the headline reads "Tom Brady — Flirting With Disaster."

"Tom Brady must be a glutton for punishment — because with the NFL playoffs looming the Patriots QB thinks it's scooter time?!," the website says. "Someone needs to put New England's golden boy in a bubble … stat!"

Yeah, that Tom Brady is certainly living his life with reckless abandon. First, he has the audacity to drive to work one morning, completely ignoring the fact that Ludgero Rodrigues was on the Boston streets as well. Now, he's partaking in the most dangerous activity known to man — leisurely scootering around a park.

There goes the Super Bowl.

Brady has been criticized before for not wearing a helmet while riding his bike, for owning an unregistered pit bull and for having a bad haircut, proving you literally cannot do anything these days without someone having something to say about it.