Tracy Morgan Goes Overboard With Sarah Palin Comments on TNT Pregame Show Tracy Morgan is no stranger to creating awkward, uncomfortable and inappropriate situations on live television (prime example No. 1 is here, prime example No. 2 is here), so really, TNT knew what it was getting into when the network invited the 30 Rock star to join the pregame crew on the court at Madison Square Garden.

And what they got … well, we can't really say exactly.

Charles Barkley asked Morgan if Sarah Palin is good-looking, and Morgan responded about as inappropriately as possible. You can watch the clip here, but as a warning, the language may be considered offensive.

Barkley and Kenny Smith didn't know what to do, so they laughed hysterically, while Ernie Johnson looked to be on the verge of passing out.

TNT has since apologized for the comments, citing a "lack of judgment" on the part of Morgan. But really, the only lack of judgment involved came from whoever decided it'd be a good idea to put Tracy Morgan and Charles Barkley together on live television.

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Tracy Morgan Goes Overboard With Sarah Palin Comments on TNT Pregame Show

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