UFC’s Jacob Volkmann on Barack Obama: ‘Someone’s Gotta Knock Some Sense Into That Idiot’


When you’re the president of the United States, you’re going to have your detractors. For Barack Obama, that list is growing — into the UFC of all places.

UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann, who won a split decision over Antonio McKee at UFC 125, likely made more of an impact with his post-fight comments to FanHouse TV.

Volkmann, who is also a chiropractor (go figure, right?), has more than a few problems with Obamacare, and he’s not afraid to speak his displeasures. In fact, he’d like to get Obama in the octagon and teach him a lesson or two.

“He’s not too bright,” Volkmann told Fanhouse. “Someone’s gotta knock some sense into that idiot. I just don’t like what Barack is doing. I’m a chiropractor, so I know the health care situation is not good, but he’s making it worse.”

Volkmann also said that Obama’s health care plan is slowing down the fighter’s attempt to get his chiropractic clinic off the ground. His criticism rivals, and likely surpasses, that of Orioles designated hitter Luke Scott, who recently criticized Obama, saying the president “doesn’t represent America.”

Perhaps Volkmann and Obama can discuss things over a rear naked choke summit.

Check out the FanHouse video below — Volkmann’s rant begins at around the three-minute mark.

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