Vote: With Albert Pujols Setting a Firm Deadline to Sign a New Deal, What Is Most Likely to Happen? Unless he receives a contract extension prior to arriving at spring training on Feb. 19, Albert Pujols has declared that he will become a free agent this coming fall, and that he would veto any trade during the season.

Still, words only mean so much, and with so much money on the line, anything is possible.

How much money is the greatest player of the generation worth? Probably more than anybody in history — the richest contract of all time — exceeding Alex Rodriguez‘s record 10-year, $275 million dollar payoff.

Pujols, though, has never appeared greedy, and the idea of him taking a slightly smaller deal to stay in St. Louis is feasible.

While Pujols has ruled out a trade, what if a big market team put a record-breaking extension on the table as part of the deal? He’d certainly have to think about it — especially given that such a trade would mean not leaving St. Louis totally out to dry.

That would be exactly what Pujols would do if he were to leave as a free agent, but there will be no shortage of suitors trying to make exactly that happen if he isn’t locked into a deal by next fall.

With Albert Pujols setting a firm deadline to sign a new deal, what is most likely to happen?Market Research