It seems that Hank Steinbrenner was not the only one disappointed with the way things ended for the Yankees in 2010.

During a recent news conference, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez expressed his excitement for the season ahead, saying the Yankees are "ready to go" after losing the ALCS in six games to the Texas Rangers.

"We have a very bad taste in our mouth from leaving Texas," Rodriguez said. "I know that we just want the opportunity to come back and get off to a good start and have a great year."

A-Rod also had some nice things to say about the Red Sox, and was impressed with their busy offseason, especially with the acquisitions of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez.

"Last year, they went through some tough injuries," Rodriguez said of the Sox. "They're going to be tough to beat this year. I know they're excited to have a great year — so are we."

Check out more of the A-Rod news conference in the video above.