Amare Stoudemire Says ‘The Knicks Are Back’ With Addition of Carmelo Anthony


Amare Stoudemire Says 'The Knicks Are Back' With Addition of Carmelo Anthony After weeks and weeks, which felt more like years, the man, the myth, the legend — Carmelo Anthony — is finally a Knickerbocker at home in New York.

Fans aren't the only ones ecstatic about the move over to NYC. All-star Knicks forward, Amare Stoudemire, says the Knicks will be "hard to guard" with Anthony on their side, according to 

"The Knicks are back," Stoudemire said.

"Every team needs a 1, 1A punch," Stoudemire said. "And so with the ways that we both can score … we're very versatile, so it's hard to guard us." 

The King himself even believes it .

"I think it is great for the NBA, the Knicks are back," LeBron James said of the trade. "The other teams are trying to compete [with the Heat] and I think that is great."

Stoudemire has led the Knicks to a 28-26 record this season, but with Anthony's help, and his 25.2 points per game, Stoudemire is confident his team will be an even bigger threat.  He had "no doubt" that the two All-Stars and longtime friends will work well together. 

"It's what he wants. It's what I wanted, to come to New York and play on the big stage," Stoudemire said. "He has the same type of swag. This is what he wants and he can handle it. We're going to do it together."

Along with Anthony came Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman from Denver. 

Knicks president Donnie Walsh says the decision on Anthony was on him. There have been never-ending rumors on this trade, and Walsh says he was hesitant at times to finish the deal.

In the end, three teams were involved and 12 players were traded to bring Anthony to Manhattan ?- but there are plenty who think the deal was worth it, and Anthony himself has been gracious throughout this period.

"Wow, just had the craziest 12 hours of my career," Anthony announced via Twitter. "So much to say, but really want to thank all my fans and friends for their support!"

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