The members of reuinited Irish pop group Boyzone may be in their mid-30s at this point, but their performances still surely draw a crowd.

They performed Monday night at Liverpool's Echo Arena, and two fans just happened to bump into each other at the festivities.

Kenny Dalglish showed up at the concert to find that Andy Carroll was also in attendance. The duo were spotted, and as is inevitable in the social-media era, a photo of them immediately made the Twitter rounds.

Dalglish explained what he was doing at the concert with Carroll.

"Well, it wasn’t a date!" Dalglish said. "[Carroll] just happened to be there. I was with [my wife] Marina and her mum, so I wasn’t the oldest person there!

"It was a good concert," Dalglish added. "Ronan [Keating] came [Monday] morning with his little boy and we fixed him up with a shirt, he watched training for a while and then they went to rehearse.

"I think Andy might have enjoyed it a wee bit better than me!" claimed Dalglish.

Carroll, however, has not commented regarding his attendance or feelings about Boyzone, though he may make his Liverpool debut as soon as Sunday against West Ham.

See the photo below.

Andy Carroll, Kenny Dalglish Just Happen to Attend Boyzone Concert Together