Ethics aside, offering someone money to do your schoolwork is something that most people have at least thought about doing. However, when you’re an NCAA Division I athlete, and you do so over Twitter, well that’s a different story. reports that Auburn defensive back Jordan Spriggs recently tweeted to his roughly 500 followers looking for someone to write his paper.

“man who is good at writing papers?????????????? i pay,” the tweet read.

Brilliant stuff.

Not surprisingly, his teammates quickly hopped on Twitter to point out the error of the freshman’s ways.

“u gotta be the dumbest person in the world lol,” defensive end Antoine Carter tweeted at Spriggs. At least Carter found some humor in the situation. Linebacker Darren Bates responded by tweeting, “youve gone too far [man].”

What’s less surprising, however, is that Spriggs has since deleted his Twitter account.