Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show Spawns Massive Twitter Outrage, Roast of Performance


Feb 6, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas may not have flashed a tassle-clad nipple like Janet Jackson or looked to be in a strung-out coma like Tom Petty during their halftime show, but their performance, a medley featuring "Tron" style dancers all over the field, a giant "LOVE" stage, in some sort of asymetric space helmet and a Slash cameo created more Twitter ire than just about any event in history.

Below are some of the top tweets.

Listening to the #Blackeyedpeas made my ears feel like I was in a bathroom with #BenRoethlisberger

God – never in my life have I wanted @kanyewest to interrupt a performance more. #superbowl #blackeyedpeas

The 2nd quarter game clock is basically a countdown clock to hell. #blackeyedpeas #sb45

Say what you will. For one brief shining moment Left and Right were united in loathing of #blackeyedpeas

I think the legumes have more talent than the band. #blackeyedpeas

Possibly the worst halftime show ever. Where is the Love? More like…Where is the talent? #blackeyedpeas

After the #BlackEyedPeas' halftime show performance, all 4 members have been arrested and charged with Cruel & Unusual punishment #sb45

I got a feelin' that tonight will be the #blackeyedpeas last big live performance for a while. The fat tron dancers didn't help #halftime

Fergie, please don't ever sing live again. I had to check on my dog to make sure his tail wasn't caught in the door. #blackeyedpeas #sb45

I Guess the #blackeyedpeas didnt read the Warning on that bottle of Auto-Tune

BREAKING NEWS: Obama to appoint Chief Justice John Roberts to head 'thorough investigation' of #BlackEyedPeas performance. #nationaltragedy

Seriously considering joining al Qaeda right now. #blackeyedpeas #sb45

It must suck to be a celebrity and feel like you have to lie about how amazing the #blackeyedpeas were during halftime.

Don McLean was wrong. TODAY is the day the music died. #superbowl #halftime #blackeyedpeas #unspeakablehorror #ohthehumanity

See a video of the performance below.

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