Bruins Should Actively Shop First-Round Pick With Hopes of Turning Good Team Into Great Team


February 9, 2011

Bruins Should Actively Shop First-Round Pick With Hopes of Turning Good Team Into Great Team It almost seems too simple. Here you have the Bruins, sitting atop the Northeast Division as one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference and even the NHL. They're not far away from being a great team, and they've got something that the rest of the league surely covets.

They've got a first-round draft pick, one will probably work its way into the NHL draft lottery. It's a pick that they should actively shop.

When the Bruins pulled off the heist to end all heists by acquiring two first-round picks from Toronto in exchange for Phil Kessel, they must have known they were getting a good deal. They couldn't have realized it would be this good.

Just a couple of years later, the Kessel experience in Toronto is becoming a nightmare, and the Bruins now have a potential franchise cornerstone in Tyler Seguin. And oh yeah, they've got another first-round pick this season.

With the deadline fast approaching, that pick is one that the Bruins should be looking to move. Of course, it would have to be for the right player or package of players, but the time is certainly right. The B's themselves seem open to it, too.

"Yeah, I'd look at it, sure. I've had discussions involving that pick," general manager Peter Chiarelli told WEEI on Tuesday. ""I certainly would look at it. We've got a lot of assets, so that alone allows us to be creative also ? there's been one [deal] that we've thrown around here internally, I don't know that I would do it but it but it's something that warrants further discussion."

This Bruins team, as good as they are right now, are not yet great. They certainly have needs. Marc Savard is done for the season, and Chiarelli has made it clear that they're looking for help down the middle. If the Bruins could somehow pry Brad Richards out of Dallas, or someone similar to that, it would be the type of move that could put them over the top.

The B's also still seem intent on acquiring a puck-moving defenseman. While it's unlikely Brian Burke would be willing to deal with division rival Boston after the Kessel heist, moving the pick as a part of a deal for a player like Toronto defenseman Tomas Kaberle is something else the front office could look into.

It all starts to add up. The Bruins have needs, and they have the necessary pieces to go out and get what they need. There aren't players at the top of the draft this year like Seguin and Taylor Hall last year. You've already made out in the Kessel deal.

The Bruins are essentially one game-changing piece away from being a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. They've got a great trade foundation in Toronto's pick. Now they just need to build off of it.

Should the Bruins trade away the other first-round pick they received from Toronto? Share your thoughts below.

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