Carmelo Anthony Trade Would Greatly Improve Knicks, But Won’t Make Them Instant Title Contenders


Carmelo Anthony Trade Would Greatly Improve Knicks, But Won't Make Them Instant Title Contenders Sooner or later, it looks like Carmelo Anthony will be playing his basketball at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks in New York. If that happens this year, it will likely drastically improve the Knicks. What it won't do, however, is make them an NBA title contender — at least not this year.

The latest reports indicate that the Knicks and Nuggets are working to involve the Timberwolves in what would be a three-team deal that would bring Anthony to New York.

Adding Anthony to a roster that already features players like All-Star forwrad Amare Stoudemire and the up-and-coming Danilo Gallinari, would instantly propel the Knicks to the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference, perhaps even all of the NBA.

That said, the Knicks still have some work to do before they become NBA title contenders.

The biggest question mark the Knicks will have to eventually address is their defense. Only two teams — Minnesota and Phoenix — give up more points per game than New York. With the offensive firepower that Anthony would give the Knicks, they'll have no problem winning games as winter turns toward spring. But to win when spring turns to summer, you need to play defense. Practically every title contender in the NBA — teams like the Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Heat — are all among the game's best defensive teams.

Just as importantly, it will take the Knicks some time to develop chemistry and get thing straightened on that front. The Celtics, Lakers and Spurs all have that chemistry down, and the Heat recently admitted it's something they're still striving for.

If and when the Knicks acquire Carmelo Anthony, they will become a much improved team overnight. However, NBA title contenders aren't built overnight. It will be the latest step in the right direction for a Knicks team that seems to have greatness ahead of them, but that will have to wait until next year at the earliest.

Even with their flaws, if the Knicks do trade for Anthony, there won't be many teams who will be pleased with having to matchup with the Knicks come playoff time.

Would acquiring Carmelo Anthony make the Knicks NBA title contenders this season? Share your thoughts below.

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