Charlie Sheen Endorses Recreational Drug Use Following Controversial ‘Pep Talk’ With UCLA Baseball Team


February 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen seems to always make the headlines, whether he?s sober or not.

Sheen is no stranger to public scrunity, but in a radio interview, broadcast by DirecTV Monday with radio personality, Dan Patrick, he may have taken it too far once again. In an attempt to explain a controversial pep talk, Sheen may have dug himself an even deeper hole.

According to, Sheen said in so many words on Tuesday that he would encourage the use of crack cocaine

Sheen spoke to the UCLA baseball team last week. He gave the Bruins a pep talk, a pep talk, that apparently included Sheen telling the team to stay off crack. That's under one exception, of course.

The actor said that for those that can, "manage it socially, then go for it. Not a lot of people can."

Sheen told Patrick he thought he could handle it — "but that blew up in my face. Like an exploding crack pipe."

Sheen reportedly spoke with UCLA on Friday. caught wind of a tweet from Bruins catcher Richard Brehault that detailed what Sheen told the team.

"'Don?t do crack, drink chocolate milk, and enjoy every moment..thats all I got.' -Charlie Sheen. That?s what he told our baseball team today," Brehault tweeted, according to the report.

Sheen, the star of CBS' Two and A Half Men, who earns nearly $2 million an episode, has taken over the badboy image in Hollywood of late.  This new information is probably not the best message for Sheen to put out there, especially for his children and fans of his series.

CBS had no comment on the interview and could not say when, or if ever the series will go back into production after going on hiatus on Jan. 28. The father of five says he is ready to go back to work, and now he is waiting "on them."

Sheen claims he is clean and sober.

See the video of the conversation below.

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