If you're playing a regular round of golf, reaching the green and being able to take out your putter is a good thing. In the Second Base Cup, that just doesn't cut it.

New Red Sox reliever Dan Wheeler said after his attempts at the second-base bag that he'd be happy if he was just on the putting surface. In this case, though, the putting surface happened to be the infield grass. Wheeler's best attempt landed 35 feet from the bag, obviously not good enough to best the first-place attempt of Kevin Youkilis.

Wheeler couldn't even win Tuesday's honors — those belonged to Mike Cameron.

Round 1: Terry Francona
Round 2: Daniel Bard
Round 3: Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Round 4: Jon Lester
Round 5: Clay Buchholz
Round 6: Tim Wakefield
Round 7: Kevin Youkilis
Round 8: Carl Crawford
Round 9: John Lackey
Round 10: Darnell McDonald
Round 11: Mike Cameron