DeMar DeRozan Feels ‘Robbed’ Regarding Dunk Contest, Won’t Participate If It Remains ‘Prop Dunk Contest’


While it didn’t involve a car, a toy or multiple backboards, many basketball purists believed that DeMar DeRozan‘s “Show Stopper” was actually the best jam in Saturday’s impressive Slam Dunk Contest.

Even so, DeRozan didn’t advance past the first round, as Blake Griffin mysteriously received inflated scores in the opening portion of competition — perhaps for the sake of Kia.

Now, DeRozan has spoken out about the contest, saying that he felt robbed by the results.

He also said that he’s done with the competition as long as it’s a “prop dunk contest,” according to The Washington Post.

“I’m a dunker. Dunk contests, you go out there and dunk. I’m not into all the props and everything,” he said. “If there’s a dunk contest next year I’ll do it. But not no prop dunk contest.”

The props, DeRozan believes, take away from the actual dunking.

“I think a lot of people probably look at it like that. It seems that way when you watch it,” he said. “This year, I put thought into it. I practiced, had dunks ready and everything. It is what it is. I did it two years in a row. I’m good.

“There’s no telling what might happen next year. Somebody might use a trampoline,” he concluded.

See the Show Stopper below.

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