Prior to games, players like to spend time with their team, whether it's dealing cards, playing video games or watching television. It's also very common for teams to listen to their iPods before their games.

On Monday, Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt revealed that his iPod has inspired his team's recent winning streak.

"Ever since I've plugged my iPod into our music system and play the stuff I've collected at home for our games, we've not lost a game. I think we are all a bit superstitious as players," said Kuyt.

"I took over from one of the lads and when they all like it, they let you be in charge. It is like taking a penalty. If you score, they all let you take the next one.''

What does DJ Kuyt play in the locker-room to unite his lads?

"Kings of Leon, The Killers and Amy Winehouse. That sort of stuff."

Liverpool has not lost at Anfield since Dec. 29 to Wolverhampton.

Kuyt better keep his duties as pregame DJ with two tough tests on the way for LFC on Feb. 24 against Sparta Prague in the second round of the Europa League, and then later on March 6 against Manchester United.