Doc Rivers Plans to Play Celtics All-Stars Together Off Eastern Conference Bench


Doc Rivers Plans to Play Celtics All-Stars Together Off Eastern Conference Bench The Celtics learned Thursday that indeed, as expected, they would have four representatives at this month's NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were all denied the chance to start in the Feb. 20 contest by the fan vote, but all were chosen this week as reserves for the Eastern Conference team.

That was music to the ears of C's coach Doc Rivers, who's earned the right to coach the East squad thanks to Boston's conference-best record of 37-11. And now that he's got his four guys in place, he's already got a plan.

"I'm going to play them all together," Rivers said Thursday. "That way I can run our offense in the All-Star Game. That'll be a first."

All four guys will come off the bench as backups for bona fide NBA superstars. MVP candidates, in fact. Rondo will back up Derrick Rose; Allen, Dwyane Wade; Pierce, LeBron James; and Garnett, Amare Stoudemire.

But off the bench, Doc can roll out a complete second unit to play extended stretches, just as he does in regular-season Celtics games. Only instead of Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels, he'll be trotting out future Hall of Famers. He's already salivating at the opportunity.

"My only choice would be who would be the fifth?" he said. "There's some interesting combinations you can throw out there."

With the Celtics' four perimeter guys in place, Rivers will need one more big guy to round things out. His candidates on this year's roster: Dwight Howard, Al Horford and Chris Bosh.

"Whoever's the closest to free agency," Rivers joked. "Just so they can see how it feels."

Bosh signed with the Heat this summer through 2016, and Horford just hammered out a long extension with the Hawks this year. That leaves Howard.

Will we see Superman and the C's in action together later this month? You'll have to watch to find out.

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