‘Goalie Fight’ Between Tim Thomas, Carey Price Turns Out to Be ‘Goalie Patty-Cake’


February 10, 2011

'Goalie Fight' Between Tim Thomas, Carey Price Turns Out to Be 'Goalie Patty-Cake' The Internet is abuzz Thursday morning with rumors of a “goalie fight.” Sadly, millions of bloodthirsty hockey fans are likely disappointed.

The brouhaha that wasn’t took place during a spirited contest between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins, a game that at one point had an entire roster in the two penalty boxes, as each team racked up 95-plus penalty minutes.

Five of those minutes came from Tim Thomas and Carey Price, who decided to drop their blockers and gloves and join the fracas. The problem? Neither of them really knows how to fight.

Thomas’ recap of the scrap tells it all.

“He was more than willing to fight,” Thomas said after the game. “And I had this big ol’ plan. I was going to grab his right, and I was going to throw lefts, because I know he’s bigger and taller and has a reach on me. I thought I could do a better job throwing lefts on him, [but] when I went to grab him, he got a good hold on my right arm and I got nothing.

“So then I was like, ‘Uh-oh, now what do I do?'”

Fortunately for Thomas, Price was a true gentlemen and decided not to punch the B’s netminder when he had room for some free shots. Then the two chummed it up, complete with Price tapping Thomas’ butt. In the end, Price may have earned the most respect in Boston that he ever has in his young career.

It was a highly entertaining affair, just don’t call it a goalie fight.

Photo of the day

Was this really a “goalie fight” or was it a friendly game of patty-cake? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

'Goalie Fight' Between Tim Thomas, Carey Price Turns Out to Be 'Goalie Patty-Cake'

'Goalie Fight' Between Tim Thomas, Carey Price Turns Out to Be 'Goalie Patty-Cake'

Quote of the day

“I think four [people challenged P.K. Subban to fight] in that one shift there. But they were tough guys. I don’t blame him for not fighting. [Adam McQuaid], [Nathan Horton] and [Milan Lucic] all jumping in. I wouldn’t have fought them either.”
–Brad Marchand, when asked why Canadiens rookie P.K. Subban wouldn’t drop the gloves

Comment of the day

NESN’s Facebook page said Wednesday that the whole Mark Sanchez saga was “much ado about nothing.” One reader raised a valid point.

“Much ado about nothing? Unless your the father of a daughter…then it’s much ado about a shotgun”
–Dan W.

Video of the day

This is as crazy an ending as you could ever see.

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