Jason Varitek went through rough stretch in 2010 where he was unsure of whether or not he'd be returning to the Red Sox in 2011.

The longtime captain admitted that he was a mess at the end of tbe 2010 season as the uncertainty started to weigh on his mind, but with a one-year contract now under his belt, he's now just looking forward to another year with the organization that he got his big league start with.

"It's extremely gratifying," Varitek said of his return to the Sox. "It's where I started my career and, hopefully I'll have the opportunity to finish it."

With all the uncertainty behind him, Varitek said he's now looking forward to continuing his career into his early 40s.

"It's all going to determine on how my body is," Varitek said. "How my knees are, how my arm is and how well I compete. If I can compete well, I think I can help teams win games."

To hear more from Varitek, check out the video above from Red Sox Live.