Joe Girardi Indicates Derek Jeter Won't Move to Center Field Until 2015, If Ever Yankees general manager Brian Cashman ignited a media firestorm last month when he opened the door to the possibility of legendary shortstop Derek Jeter one day moving to the outfield.

Jeter's manager, Joe Girardi, doesn't see that happening within the next four years.

"You know, I don't know — it'll probably all depend on how long he plays the game," Girardi told MSG's Jill Martin, according to "He is our shortstop, and that's what we plan on him being during this contract. But if he plays beyond this contract, it's possible he might play somewhere else."

The contract Girardi speaks of is the freshly signed, four-year deal that Jeter and the Yanks agreed to this winter. When it expires following the 2014 season (provided Jeter agrees to an option in the final year), Jeter will be 40 years old. So, in other words, Girardi wouldn't advise you to hold your breath waiting to see Jeter play in the outfield.

The drama, however forced it may have been, was fun while it lasted.