John Henry Pleased With Job Being Done by Theo Epstein FORT MYERS, Fla. — Theo Epstein is the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. As for how long that will remain the case, it doesn't seem to be a pressing issue.

"We haven't had any substantive conversations recently," principal owner John Henry said when asked if he has discussed a contract extension with Epstein. "I always ask him how he's doing. Things are going extremely well from our vantage point, from his vantage point."

Epstein signed a new contract in Sept. 2008, reported at the time to be for three years. If the GM is in fact entering his final season in Boston, nobody is saying, and nobody seems too concerned on the surface.

"I can't even tell you when his contract is up," Henry added. "The important thing is we're all happy."

After an offseason like the one Epstein just had, it's no surprise that ownership is content.