Liverpool Live Blog: Impressive West Ham Outplays Liverpool, Wins 3-1 at Upton Park


Liverpool Live Blog: Impressive West Ham Outplays Liverpool, Wins 3-1 at Upton Park

Full time', West Ham 3-1: Suarez gets a couple of dangerous shots off in the final minutes — one saved very well by Green and another just wide of the far post.

The whistle blows.

90+1', West Ham 3-1:

Goal — Carlton Cole — Nice Shot at the near post that wrong-foots Reina.

Carlton Cole makes a run down the left off a longball. He makes it into the area and shoots low at the near post. He wrong-foots Reina, and the ball hits the back of the net. Goal. 3-1 West Ham.

90', West Ham 2-1:

Carlton Cole on for Demba Ba

Wilson fouls O'Neil in the Liverpool half. West Ham takes their time setting up for the set piece.

He gives it to Cole by the corner flag, but it is cleared back to Noble.

Noble makes a great run through center and takes a low, powerful shot on target, but Reina saves it well.

87', West Ham 2-1: Suddenly, the pressure is on, as Liverpool has gained the upper hand in the past five minutes. West Ham is hanging on for dear life.

Ngog takes a shot from distance, but his effort is high.

Suarez is brought down by Upson about 20 yards beyond the box.

Gerrard puts too much on the free kick, missing everybody at the far post.

84', West Ham 2-1:

Goal — Johnson — Tap in off Suarez ball across goal.

A mess in the West Ham area sees Kuyt touch the ball four times, either shooting or passing. The efforts are continually blocked, and eventually the ball is cleared.

Joe Cole sends a cross in that is made a mess of by West Ham. Eventually, Suarez makes a great turn and sends it across goal. Johnson taps it in. 2-1 West Ham.

81', West Ham 2-0:

Spector on for Piquionne

Liverpool comes forward well with an attackd own the center orchestrated by Suarez. Eventually a flick over the top by Johnson is mishit and is caught by Green.

Liverpool rebuilds after the clearance, and Joe Cole makes a run forward. Gerrard sends it in, and Bridge clears. Kuyt sends it high across goal to Suarez, who touches it back in to Cole, but he can't finish — a chance missed.

Piquionne comes off for Jonathan Spector.

78', West Ham 2-0: Kuyt tries to flick it to Suarez in the area, but they can't quite connect.

Lucas sends a ball forward to Ngog, but Green beats him to it.

Johnson wins a foul on the right side of the final third, going down easily against O'Neil.

Suarez strikes the set piece well, but a foul is called on Liverpool in the area before the ball even gets there.

75', West Ham 2-0: Gerrard makes a run into the area after a nice pass from Wilson. He goes down without much contact, but gets right up and doesn't appeal for a penalty.

West Ham again does well on the counter, moving it down the right with Noble before sending it to Piquionne for a run down the center. A shot tests Reina, and he makes a slight mess of it, nearly letting it trickle into goal.

At the other end, Kuyt takes a shot from the top of the area that is deflected and then partially cleared.

72', West Ham 2-0: Wayne Bridge gets nailed with a ball, and off the throw, Gerrard takes a great shot on his first touch that is just high.

Off the goal kick, Parker steals the ball from Gerrard and makes a long run before slotting the ball through to Ba. Reina just beats Ba to the ball to prevent a third goal.

69', West Ham 2-0: Hiltzsperger takes another shot from distance, but can't connect.

O'Neil fouls Johnson in midfield, and Johnson stays down for a moment, holding his head.

Liverpool gets a rare chance to attack, winning a throw on the right, but it is cleared relatively easily.

Kuyt flicks it to Suarez in the area, but he holds the all too long and doesn't get a shot off. It is sent back in for Ngog, who falls to ground and flicks it to Suarez on the side of the area, but nothing comes of it.

66', West Ham 2-0: Ngog makes a good run down the left and wins a corner well.

The corner is cleared easily for a Liverpool throw on the right. The Reds control it, but send it back all the way to Carragher, and they eventually give it up in midfield.

Jacobsen makes a run forward in space in the Liverpool half, and he shoots from distance, but his effort is off target, but not terrible. West Ham have nothing but space to operate in the Liverpool half.

Shortly thereafter, Johnson is forced to concede a corner on the right. Noble touches the ball on the corner before taking it, which upsets Lucas, but he gets another chance. It is well taken and finds Piquionne with a chance to make the score 3-0, but he can't finish.

63', West Ham 2-0: Gerrard wins a free kick in midfield.

A through pass releases Suarez at the top of the area, and Suarez puts a well-placed effort on target. Green makes an amazing save to keep it out– just getting fingers to a ball headed for side netting.

On the subsequent corner, Green punches the ball well for a partial clearance. Kuyt is able to get a cross back in from the far side, but Green collects it.

On the counter, Gary O'Neil has a chance in space on the right to shoot, but his effort is blocked for a corner. The corner almost goes in untouched, but Reina saves at the near post.

60', West Ham 2-0: Liverpool makes a decent run up the right, with Gerrard, Kuyt and Suarez combining before West Ham eventually wins a foul.

The Hammers again have space and Jacobsen gets a cross in, but it is cut out relatively easily and cleared back to West Ham in midfield.

A longball finds Piquionne well on the right, and he tees up Hiltzsperger, but his effort from the top of the area goes well high.

57', West Ham 2-0: Ba and Piquionne again combine well in attack, but Liverpool eventually gets back well and force a throw. Suarez comes all the way back to the corner and clears.

Gerrard makes a run on the counter, but his ball in for Kuyt is cut out.

West Ham goes forward again, and Ba takes another shot from distance which is blocked.

54', West Ham 2-0: Another quick counter results in great danger, as Demba Ba finds space down the middle and takes a powerful, low shot. He beats Reina, but hits the outside of the post.

Cole passes it softly to Carragher right in front of goal under pressure, and he has to clear very nervously.

Eventually, West Ham wins a corner, but it is partially cleared after a shot is blocked.

Hiltzsperger finds space down the center, and takes on another shot from distance. It is deflected for a corner, which beats Reina but can't be controlled at the far post, and Liverpool clears.

51', West Ham 2-0: Demba Ba makes a good run forward down the center before Joe Cole comes in with a dangerous tackle, but he gets away with it.

Liverpool builds from its own half down the center, but Gerrard eventually loses out and the Hammers get it forward to Piquionne — something they've done well all game.

48', West Ham 2-0:

Ngog on for Meireles — minor injury.

Liverpool begins the half with an encouraging run forward that results in Joe Cole taking a shot that is blocked in the area.

Shortly thereafter, Meireles sends a good cross in from the right, but it is cut out just before Suarez could have finished easily at the far post.

After a challenge from Parker, Meireles comes up with a limp, and he goes off for Ngog immediately.

Half Analyis: Simply put, Liverpool will have to be better in the second half to get anything out of this match. They generated no real chances in the first 45 minutes, and Suarez wasn't particularly effective. Basically, he was bullied by bigger defenders, and didn't enjoy much freedom to create.

Johnson was the major source of forward threat, as is always the case when Liverpool struggles on attack.

In defense, West Ham actually had a number of good chances that they didn't convert — the scoreline was deserved. Most surprising, though, is that the Hammers have outworked Liverpool in midfield, controlling the area well and giving themselves ample opportunities to go forward.

Now that Liverpool is in a 4-4-2, it will be interesting to see if the squad can be effective — something that wasn't true earlier in the season. With Cole and Meireles the presumed wingers, they surely will have players out of position.

If one Red has been decent, it has been Kuyt, who has been active, but has received little support.

Half, West Ham 2-0: Carragher commits a foul in midfield, but West Ham is casual with it, and the Hammers go into halftime with a 2-0 lead.

45', West Ham 2-0:

Goal — Demba Ba — Header off quick counter started by goal kick.

Cole gets an applause from the supporters who saw him start his career.

With Cole in for Kelly, Liverpool will likely revert to a 4-4-2, with Johnson perhaps moving to his natural right and Wilson on the left.

Kuyt makes a run through center and finds Johnson down the right. He slots a cross in with numbers in the box, but it bounces to Green.

At the other end, a quick counter leads to O'Neil getting a short cross in from the right. He finds Ba's head, and Ba finishes at the near post — Reina had no chance. 2-0 West Ham, right before half.

42', West Ham 1-0:

Joe Cole on for Kelly — hamstring injury.

Noble takes the free kick. He beats the wall, but his shot is wide of the post, and Reina had it covered regardless.

West Ham have another half chance off the clearance, as Demba Ba gets the ball with support above the area, but he shoots and is blocked.

Kelly makes a run down the right which ends with him going down grabbing his hamstring. He stays down, clearly in pain. Joe Cole immediately gets ready to come on.

39', West Ham 1-0:Liverpool controls down the left, but are eventually forced to restart through Reina twice.

They give it back to the Hammers in midfield, but then West Ham does the same.

The Reds generate a good attack through Gerrard. Eventually, Kelly shoots from the top of the area, but Green saves easily.

In the other direction, West Ham wins a free kick in a dangerous area, ten yards beyond the box down the center.

33', West Ham 1-0: Eventually, West Ham controls the ball, and wins a throw deep to the left. Kelly, though, cuts it out and partially clears.

The Hammers switch to the right, but Tomkins fouls Suarez in midfield.

Kelly finds Meireles with a nifty touch on the right, but he loses out and O'Neil makes a run down the West Ham right that goes for a deep throw, and then another right by the flag.

30', West Ham 1-0: The Hammers clear, and after a midfield exchange, they win a throw down the left — they've had by far the better of the match since the opening minutes.

The ball continues to bounce around, being traded by goalkeepers and for throws for a long spell.

27', West Ham 1-0: West Ham creates another dangerous chance, as Piquionne sends a ball across goal past Reina, but Ba can't get to it at the far post.

West Ham keeps the pressure on after the clearance, but Liverpool finally escape. Kuyt nearly slips a ball in the area to Suarez, but West Ham covers well and clears.

A ball in for Piquionne is controlled by Liverpool, and the Reds again go forward. Suarez makes a run down the left. He slips in the area, but gets his footing back and wins a throw.

24', West Ham 1-0: Liverpool has a corner right off the goal, but it is cleared relatively easily, and Carragher has to concede a corner on the longball counter to Ba.

The corner is cleared without trouble, and on the counter, Suarez finds Kuyt, who takes a shot from distance. He gets power on it, but hits the side of the net — not bad.

21', West Ham 1-0:

Goal — Scott Parker — Soft shot perfectly placed at the far post

West Ham again go forward, and Parker looks to thread a ball through to Piquionne in the area, but his ball is too heavy.

Going the other way, Johnson again is the focal point of the attack, but his shot from the top of the area is blocked.

West Ham eventually clears and counters well, but Ba holds it up at the top of the area for Hiltzsperger, whose shot isn't powerful enough to test Reina.

West Ham keeps possession off the clearance, and Hiltzsperger finds Scott Parker at the top of the area, who flicks it towards the far post without much power. It's a perfect shot, and it beats a slightly out of position Reina for a goal. 1-0 West Ham.

18', 0-0: West Ham go on the attack with some space, and O'Neil makes a run in on the right and sends a cross into the box, but Skrtel wins it in the air.

Johnson again makes an incursion down the left, but he only gets so far, and Liverpool bring it back to midfield and try going down the right through Kelly, but to no avail.

15', 0-0: The West Ham throw results in a corner from the left. The corner is well taken and bounces around the area for a while, but is eventually cleared.

The counterattack is dangerous, with Kelly making a run down the right and crossing into the box before the ball was precariously cleared behind for a corner.

Meireles takes it well to the far post, but it also is cleared after Johnson initially got to it.

After the clearance, Johnson makes another run down the left that is cut out when he attempted to get it to Suarez.

12', 0-0: West Ham enjoys a spell off casual possession in their own half before sending a longball forward, which ends up with Reina.

Johnson makes a run down the left thereafter, and he finds Meireles for a shot, but it's not a challenging one for Green.

O'Neil challenges Wilson down the left, but wins just a throw.

9',0-0: Liverpool clears and wins a throw down the right in midfield.

They again hold possession in the Hammers half, but O'Neil eventually wins a throw for West Ham on their right.

It, however, is simply cleared back to the Liverpool defense.

6', 0-0:

Yellow card — Skrtel — hard challenge on Piquionne

Hiltzsperger takes a shot from distance, on target, saved by Reina — good effort.

After the goalies exchange, Lucas wins a foul in midfield. They move the ball quickly, trying to release Meireles over the top. He gets his head to the ball, but he can't do much with it, and it goes for a Green goal kick.

Off the kick, Johnson makes a run down the left and wins a foul — Parker.

Liverpool maintains possession in the West Ham half for a spell before Gerrard gives it away to Piquionne. Piquionne makes a run down the left, ended by a tough Skrtel challenge — yellow card.

3', 0-0: Liverpool begin the match in possession, first attacking down the right through Kelly and then bringing the ball back to midfield.

Suarez makes a run up the left and tries to send a flick over the defense to Kuyt, but his touch is too heavy – -nice idea.

West Ham thereafter holds the ball in midfield and attacks down the right, but Parker loses out for a Liverpool throw near the corner flag.

8 a.m. ET: Looks like Steven Gerrard will be fit to go after all, as will Johnson and Kelly.

4 a.m. ET: With Wolves' 4-0 win against Blackpool on Saturday, West Ham United find themselves in an all-too-familiar position — the bottom of the table, where they have dwelled for much of this season.

It will be a Liverpool player, however, who finds the situation most familiar at Upton Park, as Joe Cole will make his West Ham homecoming for the first time in a Liverpool shirt. The match will also be a homecoming for coach Steve Clarke, who coached under Gianfranco Zola at Upton Park prior to coming to Anfield.

The Reds, though, have a number of players who may not be available as Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger, Martin Kelly and Glen Johnson are all question marks heading into Sunday's matchup.

Luis Suarez, who has been unable to participate in the Europa League, will return to the side, though fellow January transfer Andy Carroll isn't quite ready to participate.

The Hammers have a fair number of injuries of their own, with Matthew Upson, Robbie Keane and Victor Obinna not likely to participate.

A win could move the Hammers level on points with West Brom and Wolves, right on the edge of relegation. For Liverpool, three points would put the Reds just a win behind Chelsea, with 42 and 45 points respectively. A loss, however, would keep Liverpool just two points beyond Bolton Wanderers in the Europa League race.

Kickoff is set for 8:30 a.m. ET.

Lineups are as follows:


Pepe Reina (25), goalkeeper
Martin Skrtel (37), center back
Danny Wilson (22), left back
Jamie Carragher (23), right back
Steven Gerrard (8), midfielder
Lucas (21), midfielder
Raul Meireles (4), midfielder
Glen Johnson (2), left midfielder
Martin Kelly (34), right midfielder
Luis Suarez (7), forward
Dirk Kuyt (18), forward


Joe Cole (10)
Maxi Rodriguez (17)
Christian Poulsen (28)
Sotirios Kyrgiakos (16)
David Ngog (24)
Peter Gulacsi (42)
Jay Spearing (26)

West Ham:

Robert Green (1), goalkeeper
Matthew Upson (15), defender
James Tomkins (5), defender
Wayne Bridge (36), defender
Lars Jacobsen (37), defender
Scott Parker (8), midfielder
Thomas Hiltzsperger (11), midfielder
Mark Noble (16), midfielder
Demba Ba (21), forward
Frederic Piquionne (30), forward
Gary O'Neil (32), forward


Luis Boa Morte (13)
Carlton Cole (9)
Jonathan Spector (18)
Manuel Da Costa (22)
Ruud Boffin (31)
Winston Reid (2)
Zavon Hines (26)

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