Matt Cooke Leveled Into Boards on High Hit by Washington’s Matt Bradley


Matt Cooke Leveled Into Boards on High Hit by Washington's Matt Bradley There's really not much of a story here, other than the fact that NHL fans in 29 cities will enjoy watching this video.

The clip is one of Matt Cooke, skating with his head down behind the Washington net on Monday night. That's where Matt Bradley enters with a crushing hit, sending Cooke into the boards. The hit was probably a little high, and Cooke might have been a dangerous distance from the boards, but it's hard to feel sympathy for a guy who makes a living dishing out cheap shots.

Jordan Staal jumped on Bradley, prompting the following tweet from Pension Plan Puppets, a Maple Leafs blog: "Jordan Staal must be Christ reborn if he stood up for Matt Cooke. Even Jesus had beef with the moneylenders."

The night got worse for Pittsburgh, as Alex Ovechkin's goal was the only score of the game, dropping the Pens' record to 2-5-1 over the last eight games.

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