FOXBORO, Mass. — Patriots fans might recognize a couple of faces in the crowd at this weekend's NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

Cornerback Devin McCourty is taking in the festivities with his twin brother, Jason, and a few other friends, and he will be meeting up with safety Jarrad Page, who lives in the L.A. area.

McCourty has always been a basketball fan, and that was actually his first love. He got into football about 15 years ago when his older brother returned home from the army and talked all about the game.

McCourty still loves basketball, and the New Jersey native said his favorite thing to do around Boston is attend Celtics games — he jokingly refers to them as "my Celtics" when he brings them up to friends — and he's a big Rajon Rondo fan. Somehow, though, despite his connections, McCourty hasn't gotten a chance to meet any of the Celtics, who will have a heavy presence this weekend in Los Angeles.

"Hopefully I get to meet them somewhere because I love going to the games," McCourty said. "Maybe I'll call one of them during the game, yell a name out or something."