Dean Karnazes has accomplished just about every plausible feat in the running world, most notably running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, something he accomplished five years ago.

Apparently that isn't enough for him, as he plans to run cross-country while being videotaped for Live With Regis and Kelly.

The 3,000-mile voyage will demand that the 48-year-old Karnazes average about 50 miles per day in order to achieve his scheduled finish in New York on May 11.

Should Karnazes succeed, it will be tough to imagine any other feat that could top this in his running career. This notion has been realized by Karnazes, as he calls the run, "without a doubt the most intense endeavor I've ever undertaken."

Karnazes will be followed by two buses, one containing the camera crew and another with his personal trainer and fans, as he crosses through 17 states on his way to Manhattan and running folklore.