An insurance company is refusing to pay a fan who netted a 175-foot shot in front of 4,500 fans during The Allstate Good Hands Shootout presented by the Indiana Ice, a minor league hockey team as part of its “Hockey for Heart” promotion. reports that the fan, Richard Marsh, glided a shot the length of the ice, with the puck eventually sliding through through a small cutout blocking 95% of the net. His excitment was short-lived, as he was disqualified for the amazing shot by an unnamed insurance company that deemed him ineligible to receive the $50,000 payout, citing that Marsh was not standing behind the designated starting line.

“The United States Hockey League said in a news release that the insurance company voided the award because Marsh stood in front of a designated starting line — too close to the target, in other words — disqualifying him from the win”, the report said.

However, after hearing that Marsh had said he planned to donate any winnings to charity prior to the shot, owners of the Indiana Ice, Paul and Cindy Skjodt, have agreed to make an undisclosed donation to St. Vincent’s Cardiovascular and the American Heart Association in recognition of Marsh’s amazing accomplishment.