There are plenty of ways to intimidate an opposing team when playing at home. You can have a loud and obnoxious fan section, or you could turn off the heat in the visiting locker room.

But poison them with nitrous-dioxide fumes? That’s a little much.

The Boston Globe reported that 23 players from the Curry College men's ice hockey were hospitalized overnight because of what was suspected to be nitrous-dioxide poisoning suffered when they were playing at a Rhode Island Rink against Johnson and Wales University on Thursday night.

A Zamboni machine used to prepare the ice before and during the hockey game is suspected to have caused the players to have numerous symptoms the next morning, including dizziness, trouble breathing and coughing up blood, reported the Globe.

Tests confirmed their exposure to the fumes, but a Milton Hospital spokesperson said that they will be all right and should be released on Saturday. None of the Johnson and Wales players were reported to be feeling any symptoms.