‘Brandon Meriweather Is Not Listed as a Victim, Suspect or Witness,’ Says Orange County Sheriff’s Office


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida insisted Thursday morning that “[Brandon] Meriweather is not listed as a victim, suspect or witness” in any police report involving an alleged shooting.

Meriweather was accused of shooting two men, one of them in the head, Feb. 27, during a fight outside of a house party in his hometown of Apopka, Fla., according to Deadspin. The report cited John Morgan, who is the attorney for the victims.

Morgan has not returned multiple messages left by NESN.com. The Patriots released a brief statement Thursday, saying, “We are aware of the reported allegation, but do not have any additional information.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s department posted the case (No. 11-017499) online, as seen below.

'Brandon Meriweather Is Not Listed as a Victim, Suspect or Witness,' Says Orange County Sheriff's Office

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