Canadiens Fan Plans Rally Against Violence in NHL After Zdeno Chara’s Hit on Max Pacioretty


Canadiens Fan Plans Rally Against Violence in NHL After Zdeno Chara's Hit on Max Pacioretty First Air Canada, now Victor Henriquez.

The former is an airline that took a stand against violence in the NHL last week, and the latter is a fan who wants to do the same. He doesn't have the kind of bankroll that warrants the NHL's attention, but he has enough passion to catch the Montreal Gazzette's eye.

"Too often when we hear about those hits, we hear the owners and head of the league saying fans want that, that it's part of the game and that's what fans like," Henriquez told the newspaper. "We want them to understand that we like physical contact, we like a physical game, but we don't want anyone to get killed on the ice."

Henriquez is the organizer of a rally to be held on Tuesday night at the Bell Centre, where he will invite fans to join him in signing a petition "asking the NHL to adopt new rules aimed at outlawing hits to the head."

We're not sure where Henriquez was last March, but that was when the NHL actually did add new rules that banned blindside hits to the head. That was, of course, after a Boston player was injured, so he may not have cared as much as he does now.

We also don't know where he was in October of 2009, when Canadiens defenseman Hal Gill lifted Jon Sim into the same dangerous area (video below) that injured Max Pacioretty last week. Maybe he was one of the thousands who cheered for the hit.

Lastly, we don't know where Henriquez was last Tuesday night, but we can maybe take a safe guess that he was one of the many Habs fans tying up emergency phone lines in an effort to get Chara arrested.

Henriquez told the newspaper that this isn't an anti-Boston or anti-Chara event and that he supports safety for all players around the league. His timing, though, says otherwise.

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