As the final weeks of the NHL regular season tick away, the buzz surrounding the upcoming playoffs gets louder. And as the days go by, each game becomes more important as every precious point counts.

The league is stacked with talented teams throughout the standings — teams that can surprise a top seed if they're not careful in the early rounds of the postseason. During this week's Two Minutes for Instigating segment, Mike Milbury, Andy Brickley and Jack Edwards shared their opinions on some of the toughest teams to match up against in the first round of the playoffs.

According to Jack, no team should take a matchup with the Anaheim Ducks lightly. The Bruins can attest to their talent, as they dropped a 3-0 decision to the Ducks in mid-December. The Ducks have been streaking lately thanks to the exceptional play of Corey Perry, leading his team to victory in eight of their last ten games.

Though some of these first-round matchups will not involve the Bruins, it's still important to keep an eye on potential competition down the stretch.

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