Golf Analyst David Feherty Takes Golf Ball to the Groin (Video)


When children are allowed to hold mallets and hit golf balls at a padded suit, the best results don't always ensue.

Just the other week, in Dallas, SportsGrid reported David Feherty took a golf ball to the groin by a student at J. Erik Jonsson Community School. The CBS golf analyst visited the school on Feb. 24 to give some form of a motivational speech to the children.

Ending up in a padded suit with bull's-eyes, the former professional golfer stood in their gymnasium and allowed a student to take some shots at him with golf balls.

"Well, at least I still have my dignity," said Fehrety when interviewed before the incident.

Speaking too soon, Feherty then took one right in the groin. Falling to the floor, the children and other participants were roaring with laughter.

Watch the video below.

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