Jimmer Fredette’s Family Wants BYU Star to Get Drafted by Knicks


The NCAA tournament offers a rare opportunity for collegiate stars to showcase their skills to the world, including NBA scouts.

It also allows the most exciting players to shine, sometimes carrying a heavy load to bring national glory back to campus.

Jimmer Fredette is one of those players, and his performance in the tournament could elevate his draft stock even higher. Shortly after the NCAA tournament ends, Fredette's focus will shift toward the NBA draft and his future in professional basketball.

While Jimmer himself hasn't made it clear where he would 'like' to play, his brother, Mormon rapper T.J. Fredette, gave a straightforward answer to the Philadelphia Inquirer, letting the world know that Jimmer's family would like him to play for the New York Knicks.

"We want him to go to the Knicks," T.J. said. "That's our team."

The Fredettes hail from Glen Falls, N.Y., so it should come as no surprise that the in-state team tops their list.

Wherever he should end up, Fredette offers a plethora of talents that NBA franchises can build entire teams around, a key factor come draft day.

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