Matt Cooke Delivers Latest Questionable Hit With Elbow to Head of New York’s Ryan McDonagh


Pittsburgh Penguins forward and Boston villain Matt Cooke added to his long list of controversial hits on Sunday afternoon against the New York Rangers. Calling it "controversial" or "questionable" is probably putting it too lightly, though.

In the third period of a 5-2 win for the Rangers, Cooke hit New York's Ryan McDonagh with a high elbow to the head. Not surprisingly, Cooke was ejected for the hit.

Cooke will likely be suspended for the hit, especially given the NHL's latest crackdown on hits to the head. Cooke was suspended earlier in the season for a hit-from-behind on Columbus' Fedor Tyutin. Cooke got four games for that hit.

See the hit from Sunday in the video below.

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