LeBron James Defends Kemba Walker’s Flop During Sweet 16 Matchup With San Diego State


March 26, 2011

Earlier on Friday, NESN posted a video of Connecticut point guard Kemba Walker and the questionable technical foul call that he drew.

Fans have been up in arms debating whether the star guard was showing off his acting skills or if he was actually fouled by San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin.

It isn’t just fans and bloggers who have been debating the opposing spectrum of this controversy, however. LeBron James entered the debate and stuck up for Walker on Twitter.

“Never take a cheap shot at a great player or say something out of character,” James’ tweet read. “You’ll pay every time, ask San Diego St.”

After the win, Walker defended the play to the media.

“The contact was definitely enough to go down,” he said. “That’s why I was able to get the free throws. I was on my way to the huddle, and he ran into me.”

Walker scored a game-high 36 points and led the Huskies to a 74-67 win over San Diego State, leading the Huskies to an Elite Eight berth.

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