Owl Kicked by Luis Moreno Dies, Jail Time Could Be Possibility


March 1, 2011

Luis Moreno makes a living kicking things, but his most controversial kick has cost a bird its life, and it may cost Moreno some time.

According to the Guardian, the owl that Moreno kicked in a recent Colombian league match died on Tuesday. The owl reportedly died of shock when it underwent surgery to take care of injuries suffered when kicked by Moreno.

During a match on Sunday, the owl was temporarily stunned when it swooped down into the field of play and was struck with a ball during a match. Moreno, in an attempt to remove the owl from the pitch, kicked the bird to the sidelines.

It's an act that Moreno claims was for the animal's well-being, the New York Daily News reports.

"It wasn't my intention to hit the animal. What I tried to do was wake it up so it could fly," Moreno said.

Colombian law calls for a punishment of up to three months for animal cruelty. Not surprisingly, animal rights' activists are calling for Moreno to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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