Premier League Could Test Goal-Line Technology to Assist Referees in the Future


March 15, 2011

Hawk-Eye's ball-tracking camera technology has already seen great success in tennis and cricket, and soccer may be the company's next venture.

According to the Associated Press, the Premier League could serve as the next host for goal-line testing, with the company looking to test the technology during top-level matches.

However, due to league restrictions, the results of the tests would remain private until the rules change. It would merely serve as a test to see if the cameras could be used as an aid for referees.

"We've got to find a stadium to put the tests in," Hawk-Eye founder Paul Hawkins said. "We also need to check in advance what is wanted, testing-wise. I expect there will be a contractual commitment that we don't report the information from the tests so we don't undermine the officials if there is a controversial goal."

Hawkins' next step is to speak to FIFA for testing approval, but the organization seems interested in the technology as president Sepp Blatter said that it "helps referees," earlier this month.

If things fall into place, Hawkins could be setting up the ball-tracking cameras for Premier League matches next season, but he emphasizes that he wants the technology to help referees, not demoralize them.

"Just at the time when we are testing technology that will hopefully help officials in the future, we don't want Hawk-Eye showing they are wrong."

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