Ron Artest, ‘Laker by Faith and Knickerbocker by Soul,’ Wants to Face Carmelo Anthony, Knicks in NBA Finals


You can take the man out of New York, but you can't take New York out of the man. Just ask Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest.

Artest says he's a Laker by faith but a Knickerbocker by soul. Originally from New York, he is a self-proclaimed Knicks fan who was happy about the Carmelo Anthony trade and would love to see the Knicks in the NBA finals — preferably before he retires from basketball, but at least before he can no longer walk.

While he has some family members that are Knicks fans first, Artest at least has some allegiance to the team that he won his first Championship ring with.

As it turns out, though, he considers football to be the best sport and says he won't live if the NFL doesn't resolve its lockout. Without football, he says, he has nothing else to do in his life. Who would have guessed?

See what Ron Ron had to say below.

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