Russian Soccer Player Nikola Nikezic Allegedly Beaten Into Signing Contract Termination


Montenegrin player Nikola Nikezic apparently became so expendable to his Russian club Kuban Krasnodar, that he said they beat him out of town. Literally.

Nikezic is alleging that he was beaten in the Russian Premier League club's headquarters, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The 29-year-old says he was forced into signing a contract termination to save his life, following a 20-minute-long beating, according to the letter he sent to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, which was also posted online.

Nikezic also received verbal threats in addition to the beating, alleging that his assailants said that "Lots of Russians live in Montenegro, and they can always find a member of you or your family, so don't do anything stupid."

Kuban Krasnodar sporting director Sergei Doronchenko asserted that Nikezic's allegations are "pure idiocy," and that "it's clear that this football player just want money from Kuban."

Nikezic's contract with Kuban was supposed to run through November. 

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