Send Jerry Remy a Question to Be Answered During Red Sox-Marlins Spring Training Game The youth of the Red Sox was out in full force on Friday night against the Yankees, looking to make names for themselves early so that they may be called upon during the regular season.

Seeing all the fresh faces of the Red Sox’ organization surely must give the fans nothing but questions to wonder about.

Where will these players land in the regular season, what will their impact be within the franchise? Who will become the next household name?

As Red Sox fans saw in 2010, there’s always a possibility for the young players to step up and make an impact upon arrival with the big club. They may be relatively unknown players now, but we could be hearing and seeing much more of these youngsters as the season goes on.

Whether you have a question about the youngsters or the veterans, Jerry Remy has your answer. The RemDawg will answer one question during the live broadcast on NESN, and who knows, it could be yours.

Leave your question in the comments section below.

Jerry Remy will answer one question from a fan during each Red Sox spring training game on NESN this season. Leave your question in the comments section below, and watch the Red Sox broadcast to see if the RemDawg answers it on the air.