Sidney Crosby’s Father and Agent Deny Retirement Rumors As He Recovers From Concussion


Mar 13, 2011

Sidney Crosby’s Father and Agent Deny Retirement Rumors As He Recovers From Concussion Fan590 Toronto sports personality Bob McCown stirred up another batch of Sidney Crosby rumors when he reported last week that members of the Pittsburgh Penguins forward's family were trying to convince him to retire.

Sidney's father, Troy Crosby, responded to the claims, refuting their credibility.

"Not at all," Troy Crosby told ESPN. "We're just trying to get him healthy again. However long that takes, that's how long it's going to take."

Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson, echoed his statements.

"With Twitter and social media, people get carried away," Brisson told "It's irresponsible. This report is baseless. At no time has retirement ever been discussed.

"Sidney's parents have been nothing but supportive of his recovery. They in no way have been negative. Quite the opposite. Things are looking up for Sidney. He's doing much better."

Since then, McCown addressed the issue on his show, emphasizing that he was only reporting what he was told.

"… members of his family, I am told, have suggested to Sid, are maybe talking to Sid, are encouraging Sid to consider retirement, suggesting at age not-quite-24, he has won a Stanley Cup, he has scored the game-winning gold for Team Canada, he has made millions of dollars, that he has been severely concussed and is still not back, and I don't think the end is in sight … and that he should consider retiring from the game, that he has nothing left to prove, and that's what I was informed of earlier today.

"… and of course, there's denial from a variety of sources, as you would expect there to be a denial from a variety of sources. Including his agent, who is I think Pat Brisson, and maybe even Sid's parents themselves.  And I accept that, you know, I’m putting out there as I was told, and judge yourself accordingly."

Crosby was originally concussed during the NHL's Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals on Jan. 1 by former Capital forward David Steckel. He played with Pittsburgh in their next game against the Tampa Bay Lighting, where he was hit by Victor Hedman and admitted to experiencing post-concussion symptoms.

This time last month,'s Mike Brophy reported via Twitter: "Crosby tried light workout and immediately saw black dots and stars. Not even close to starting light [workouts] again."

Yesterday, however, Hockey Night in Canada analyst Cassie Campbell reported via Twitter: "Crosby at rink this morning and back at game today … he has been shooting in Pens shooting gallery in dressing room but has not skated."

Though Brisson is optimistic, there is no timetable for Crosby's return, and there have been other reports that the 23-year-old could be out for the rest of the season.

On a side note, Sidney's 14-year-old sister, Taylor Crosby, also suffered a concussion several weeks ago, but has already returned to the ice.

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