Student-Athletes Rewarded Enough With Free Education, Don't Deserve Further Financial Support Many college athletes are treated like rock stars as thousands of fans pay large sums of money to see them perform in sold-out stadiums across the country.

They’re the kings and queens of campus — the envy of their fellow students.

A longstanding debate continues to rage, with some calling for student-athletes to start getting paid (or continue getting paid, based on what school you’re referring to). According to the Huffington Post, author Michael Lewis doesn’t accept student-athletes as unpaid amateurs.

“College sports is professional in every aspect but one, they don’t pay the labor,” he stated.

NCAA president Mark Emmert initially disagreed with Lewis, saying student-athletes are simply preparing for their future careers like all college students.

“That’s what all of our students are like,” he said. “They’re pre-professional, and some of them happen to play sports.”

Emmert recently changed his mind, however, calling for some of the revenue generated by NCAA broadcast contracts to go toward increasing student-athletes’ scholarships.

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