Terry Francona emphasized that a spring training record has little to no meaning for the regular season. Instead of focusing on the record, Tito was primarily focused on his players this spring down in Fort Myers.

The Red Sox' manager sat down with NESN' s Jerry Remy on Thursday to discuss the season ahead, and he said that he was very happy with the course of spring training this year.

"I think sometimes people get caught up in your won-loss record," Francona said. "What we're striving for is to get our pitchers feeling strong, get them built up and let them feel healthy. With our position players, we want to get them enough at-bats — we don't want to get them too many too early. I think everybody feels pretty good about now."

Francona makes a solid point. After most of the Red Sox' spring training losses, most pitchers said they felt confident after the game, adding that they knew what to fix for next time, or that they'll adjust their mechanics in camp the following day.

The Red Sox only further proved they're geared up for the regular season when they posted a solid 10-0 exhibition win over the Astros on Wednesday behind a stellar outing from starter Josh Beckett.

To hear more from Tito and RemDawg, check out the video above from NESN Daily.