Top 10 Ways Bruins Can Beat Canadiens Without Resorting to Fighting


March 24, 2011

Top 10 Ways Bruins Can Beat Canadiens Without Resorting to Fighting So some of the people of Montreal don’t always like the way the Boston Bruins play hockey. That’s fine.

If they’d prefer the graceful dives of Les Habitants, then so be it. To each his own.

There is no one, standard formula for success in the NHL, but it’s clear that the game plans of the Bruins and Canadiens often differ greatly. We learned that much when the Bruins beat up the Canadiens at the Garden and the Montreal fans and media cried that the Bruins were gutless. Those were the same fans who were thrilled to see Ryan White jump on Johnny Boychuk and win a fight a few weeks later, though, so maybe they don’t know what they like.

We do know, however, where longtime hockey columnist Pat Hickey stands on the matter.

“I think that kind of hockey is [B.S.],” Hickey said on NESN Daily, regarding the Bruins’ rough and tumble style of play. “It’s obvious the Bruins can’t beat the Canadiens straight-up.”

Well OK then, Mr. Hickey. Consider your challenge accepted.

Click here for the top 10 ways the Bruins can beat the Canadiens without beating them up >>

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