What’s Wrong With Rajon Rondo?


What's Wrong With Rajon Rondo? The Celtics may have gotten back on track Saturday night with a tough comeback win over the Hornets, but Rajon Rondo still managed just 9 points and 5 assists.

In fact, since March 4, Rondo hasn’t once compiled a 10-assist performance — odd considering that he still averages 11.2 APG even after the slump.

So what’s wrong?

Nobody quite knows. Conventional wisdom seems to be that after seeing him for half of a season, the other teams in the league have adapted to the 2010-11 edition of Rondo — the one who pretty much always drives and passes. Opponents have been playing off him and expecting the pass, and his numbers have declined accordingly.

That, perhaps, isn’t really what’s going on. In truth, the Celtics as a team have been struggling in March — not just Rondo. They’ve already had as many losses this month as any this season, and there are still 11 days left. The roster shakeup has seemed to have yielded mixed results, but perhaps one of the side effects could be that Rondo has been out of sync with the new guys, or that the new lineups have changed chemistry? It’s also just possible that his teammates aren’t playing as well, and that Rondo’s stats are being impacted accordingly.

Maybe, though, he really isn’t right. Perhaps, as the regular season has reached its latter stage, the Celtics’ lack of depth at point guard has worn Rondo down. Maybe, even, he’s never really fully recovered from his early-season injuries.

It’s also entirely possible that Rondo’s pace for much of the season was simply not sustainable. His statistics did take a drastic leap forward this season, and perhaps, he was over-performing all along?

Whatever the cause, however, the Celtics will need Rondo if they intend on winning an NBA Championship. With just a month left to find a solution to his woes, the clock is truly ticking.

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