Bill Parcells Enjoying Life Away From NFL, Insists He’s ‘Done’ Working in Any Capacity


When it comes to Bill Parcells' career proclamations, it's best to write them down with a pencil — and it should probably have a big eraser.

Parcells, who was on a conference call Monday to discuss his nomination for the Patriots Hall of Fame, even admitted as much when he announced his NFL career is over.

"I'm done," Parcells said. "I know I've said that before. You better put it down in pencil, but my true intention is I'm going to be 70 years old in August. I'm enjoying my time now. I really left Miami about Oct. 1 last year. It is the first time I've really had any extended period of time to myself, and you get to do some things that I've enjoyed doing.

"I have a place in Saratoga, N.Y., which I like very much," he added. "I'm currently speaking to you from Jupiter, Fla., which I've been here since the mid-80s, and I love it here. So it's a good time for me, and fortunately, I'm in good health and feel good. I still have a lot of things I'd like to try to do, but I think I'm going to leave the NFL to someone else now."

Parcells coached at seven different colleges from 1964-78 before starting his NFL life in 1979 with the Giants. Over the span of three decades, Parcells was the head coach of the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys, and he also worked in the Dolphins' front office.

He has departed each of those posts in abrupt fashion, and this isn't the first time he has declared his intentions to leave the game for good. Obviously, Parcells has been very aware of that, and he made a joke at his own expense.

He was at peace with that decision Monday. But a year, a month, a week from now, Parcells might need that eraser again.

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