Bruins Second-Round Picks Ryan Spooner, Jared Knight Talk Hockey, Exercise Videos, and ‘Gargoyles’


When you give two hockey players a microphone and ask them to interview one another, anything is possible, as Bruins second-round picks Jared Knight and Ryan Spooner recently demonstrated.

Adam Kaufman turned over his interviewing duties to the two roommates, and they asked each other some interesting questions.

Knight, who was draft pick No. 32 in 2010, started off the interview with typical questions, like how Spooner was feeling going into his first professional hockey game.

"I'm pretty excited for it," Spooner said. "I'm sure I'll be pretty nervous when I first go out there."

After that, the questions strayed away from hockey, touching on topics like napping and favorite Gargoyles.

"It was a popular kids' show back in the day," Spooner said in defense of the subject.

When it has his turn, Spooner, who was selected 45th overall last season, asked Knight if he was the best Knight on the London Knights.

"I was the only Knight, yes," he said. "But we were a good team and we had a bunch of good players."

When asked why he was selected ahead of Spooner, Knight replied simply, "I don't know … I'm better looking."

For the full interview, and to learn more about Knight's tattoos and Spooner's personal life, click the player below.

Jared Knight & Ryan Spooner (4.8.11) – Interviewing Each Other Prior to First Pro Game 

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