Celtics, Lakers, Heat Starring in 10 Biggest Storylines to Watch in NBA Playoffs We've already witnessed one of the most memorable regular seasons the NBA has ever seen.

Now comes the good stuff.

After slogging through 82 regular-season games riddled with injuries, trades, off-court controversies, rising powers, crumbling dynasties and plot twists at every turn, it's now finally time for the postseason.

Sixteen teams enter, only one can win, and the other 15 will be left to mull over a failed playoff run, wondering what went wrong.

Starting Saturday, we'll have playoff hoops every night for weeks and weeks. It's a lot to take in — so what should we all focus on? Check out the photo gallery link below to see the Top 10 NBA playoff storylines.

Here are 10 storylines to watch as the NBA playoffs unfold >>