With the Kendrick Perkins trade still not going over well with Celtics fans, many are betting against Boston making a deep run in the playoffs.

But according to recent odds from Bodog, things might not be all that bad.

Of the teams that made it into the NBA playoffs, only the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs have better odds than the C’s.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, despite gaining postseason veterans Perkins and Nate Robinson, still find themselves ranked beneath the Celtics, but ahead of most of the pack.

Paul Pierce’s over/under for the Knicks series is set at 20.5 ppg, just above his 18.9 ppg during the regular season.

The Indiana Pacers have the most challenging odds, slated at 250-1 to take the title, while the Lakers remain the favorite to threepeat.

Here are every teams’ odds to win the 2011 title.

Los Angeles Lakers: 11-4
Miami Heat: 13-4
Chicago Bulls: 7-2
San Antonio Spurs: 7-1
Boston Celtics: 15-2
Oklahoma City Thunder: 12-1
Dallas Mavericks: 18-1
Orlando Magic: 18-1
Denver Nuggets: 35-1
New York Knicks: 45-1
Portland Trail Blazers: 50-1
Memphis Grizzlies: 100-1
Atlanta Hawks: 125-1
Philadelphia 76ers: 150-1
New Orleans Hornets: 175-1
Indiana Pacers: 250-1

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