David Krejci Upset With P.K. Subban's Penalty-Drawing Tactics, Says He Doesn't Like Canadiens' Defenseman If there’s one thing that will rile up a Boston crowd, it’s an opponent taking a dive to draw a penalty.

As you can imagine, the Bruins players that end up in the penalty box aren’t too happy, either.

That was the case on Thursday night, when P.K. Subban took a rather obvious dive in the first period, a good enough showing to convince the referee to whistle David Krejci for hooking with 1:11 left in the first period.

Though the referees appeared to give a make-up call to the Bruins less than a minute later, Krejci was still upset after the 2-0 loss.

“I barely touched him,” Krejci said, according to WEEI.com, adding that he felt he was hooked later in the game when he had the puck, but it went uncalled.

Krejci was careful to speak too freely on his thoughts about Subban, but he did make one thing clear.

“I don’t like him,” Krejci said of Subban, according to WEEI. “I’m not going to say what I think about him, but I don’t like him. I think he didn’t have to go down that easily.”

Despite the fact that the B’s top scoring line of Krejci, Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton could muster just four shots on net, Krejci disagreed with the assessment that Subban and Hal Gill shut them down.

“Well I feel if people were watching the game, we were all over them playing in their zone,” he said. “We just didn’t get a goal, that’s all.”