David Ortiz Saddened by Manny Ramirez Retirement News, Will Remember Manny As a Good Teammate


The news that Manny Ramirez retired after a failed drug test came down midway through the Red Sox' 9-6 win over the Yankees on Friday.  

At the time, David Ortiz was in the midst of a 2-for-4, one-RBI effort. Upon hearing the news in the clubhouse of his former teammate and partner in the middle of some of the best lineups in team history, Ortiz was able to reflect.

"It's sad to see a player with that much talent and an unbelievable career, get him out of the game with negativity," said Ortiz, a teammate of Ramirez from 2003-08.

Ortiz saw Ramirez, who signed with the Tampa Bay Rays this offseason, multiple times during spring training. Like a lot of observers, Ortiz noticed that Ramirez looked to be in great shape.

"That's the Manny Ramirez everybody knows," Ortiz said.

Sadly, after Ramirez chose to walk away from the game in the face of a 100-game suspension, very few will have memories of that Manny Ramirez. Instead, they'll think first of the one who cheated and got caught. Twice.

Ortiz said he will try to remember him as a good teammate and history will dictate his legacy.

"If you see Manny from the outside [you might think one thing]," Ortiz said "But if you play with Manny Ramirez I guarantee you're going to look at a guy who works hard. He has his issues, like a lot of people know, but as a player he deals with what he's supposed to."

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