Durex Introduces Performa ‘For Extra Time,’ Marketed With Giant Injury Time Condom Placards


When your team is down and the clock hits the 90th minute, there’s nothing that you want to see more than the referee hold up that placard with a generous allotment of extra time.

That’s not the only context when you feel that way, however, and the good people at Durex have put two and two together for their new marketing campaign: The Durex Performa: For Extra Time.

As part of the campaign for the benzocaine-lined condoms, those referees have been holding up giant versions of the Performa as extra time placards, which soccer fans have surely taken notice of.

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Durex Introduces Performa 'For Extra Time,' Marketed With Giant Injury Time Condom Placards

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“They traded me to Chicago for Will Perdue. … Straight up. They said it was the best trade they ever did, ever had. I’m like, ‘Yep, sure was.’ We won three championships after that, right? That first year in Chicago? 72-10. … And we won championships there.”
–Future Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, on the San Antonio Spurs

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The Pawsox are pretty stacked, but I’m not sure beating the Portland Pirates, the Sabres’ AHL team, is possible.

“This minor league team could probably beat the mlb bottom feeders, like the Port. Pirates or the K C Royals.”

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Congrats on seeing all of this coming Shaun.

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